Brad Litwin - Kinetic Works


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Introducing – A new series of hand-cranked, kinetic sculpture kits, designed and manufactured by artist, Bradley N. Litwin, in Philadelpia, PA. Each demonstrates one of various mechanisms that can be encountered most every day.  Designed for ease of assembly, the skill level required goes from easy to intermediate, as you progress from one model to the next; some parental supervision is recommended.  Detailed instructions include easily understandable explanations of the various demonstrated principles, along with questions intended to inspire exploration of more everyday machines that help make our world work.
Made of durable, corrugated cardboard, wood doweling, and a bit of wire, these works of kinetic art will last a long time, and can be decorated with markers, crayons, and paint.

Click below to see details for each model:
  1. The Reciprocating Crank
  2. The Universal Joint
  3. Rack and Pinion and Gear Reduction
  4. Clapping Lever Hands
  5. The Worm & Wheel

Purchased as individual kits, each is $29, packed in a poly bag - or -$125 for the complete five-piece set, packed in a gift box.

- Purchase the 5-Piece MechaniKit Set - $125 +shipping

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